NFL Week 15 Vikings Recap: Let’s Keep It REAL. MAD REAL.

Here’s the thing, am I sad the Vikings lost? Yes. Do I wish we were going to play in the playoffs? Yes. But, if I take a step back and keep it real, our defense is not in any shape to be playing in the playoffs this year. I would rather the team finish the regular season and not play in the playoffs. I don’t want to ride the high of making the playoffs only to get our doors beaten off in the wild card round.

Some may say that anything can happen, but I think that’s the case when your team is healthy. The Vikings are missing so many pieces right now, especially on defense. Thinking that we would have a chance to win the super bowl is delusional thoughts from fantasy island. Some may call it cynicism, I call it realism. As a fan base it’s hard, because you want to root to believe they can win any game. It’s the NFL, part of that is true. I mean, the Jets beat the Rams yesterday.

The playoffs are different though, and if our defense cannot stop the Bears, we are not going to be able to slow down a playoff team. Granted, I think the NFC is not as strong as the AFC, there’s no way the Vikings could have success based on the active roster we have right now.

Optimistically, I am excited for 2021, I think there’s hope with the younger talent we have. I think we know the holes that need to be filled, and I think that Zimmer will benefit from a *hopefully* more normal training camp and preseason. One of the positions that I think needs to be addressed that is not talked about as much is depth in the skilled positions. Not big names, but young talent that we can groom should someone get hurt.

Having Mannion as a backup right now scares the piss out of me. Quarterbacks are constantly getting hurt, and the fact that we don’t have someone that can come in and be serviceable is concerning. I do trust Rick Spielman and hope he and Zimmer take the necessary steps this offseason to get us back into contention for the Divisional title. Forget just making the playoffs, I want to get back to competing for the North.

The only thing that will make me happy is if we beat the Saints on Christmas, because ever since they cheated and beat us in the NFC Championship game, I get a sick satisfaction out of beating them every year since.

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