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My name is Mike Urgo, and I am a Business / IT Professional with an MBA, Masters in Technology Management, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and am ITIL Certified. I also played Ice Hockey and Lacrosse through college and am currently the Head Coach of Stevenson University's ACHA Division II Hockey Team.

It is my hope to one day grow a brand that will be self sustaining to allow me to fully pursue all of my passions.

I was born in Boca Raton, Florida, but I have spent the better part of my life in Maryland. My journey with photography started early at the age of 6, with a Polaroid 600 my father received as a company present. Fast forward over 25 years, I am now starting to build a portfolio and website under the label of “Intellectual Nebula”.

To me, Intellectual Nebula is a mental attitude towards living life, always curious and never exclusive to thoughts and opinions. It is not just exclusive to me, as I believe everyone I interact with contributes to the ‘nebula’. I am someone who has many interests from photography, hunting, fishing, hiking, building, mechanics, technology, astrology... the list goes on.

I have a wonderful family who not only support my many passions, but also joins in on the adventures!

Follow along and enjoy the photos, as I slowly grow the ever expanding thing that is: Intellectual Nebula.

Who is Raphikey DaLEO?

Who is DaLEO?

Well, you could read: I am DaLeo, or you could say he's everything I want to be without having to worry about being judged.

Don't over think it, just enjoy the snarky, goofy, sarcastic, over the top content that DaLEO provides.