NFL Week 8 Vikings Recap: THEY ARE STILL DEAD, kinda…

Below are my words from Friday.

“The Vikings are dead. Feel free to keep reading, but I assure you… DEAD. The spread for the Packers game is only -6.5 and if I wasn’t such a loyal fan, I would HAMMER that. But I won’t. It’s bad karma. What I will do is put a responsible unit on the Vikings moneyline so that if they do win, I will be EXTRA happy and if they lose, (which they will), I will be EXTRA sad.”

The Vikings are now 2-5 and if you’re a true fan like me, you’re going to continue to say they’re DEAD. So I am going to say it: THE VIKINGS ARE DEAD.

Secretly though, on the inside, there’s a small voice saying: it’s COVID, anything is possible, why not peak at the schedule. That’s what I am going to do. The front four did some work yesterday and if Cook can continue to Cook and give Cousins time to NOT make mistakes, we have a chance. Will we win if Cousins continues to only go 11-14 for 160 yards and a touchdown? No. But, there’s a chance.

Here’s a look at the upcoming schedule and potential wins:

Week 9 – Lions – Potential Win

Week 10 – Bears – Potential Loss against a stout D

Week 11 – Cowboys – Win or we are done

Week 12 – Panthers – Potential Win

Week 13 – Jaguars – Win or we are done

Week 14 – Tampa Bay – Potential Loss

Week 15 – Bears – Potential Loss

Week 16 – Saints – Potential Loss

Week 17 – Lions – Potential Win

If we split versus the Bears, that leaves us at 3 – 6. If we can beat the Cowboys and Jags like we should, that puts us at 5 – 6. This leaves us with the Lions twice, Saints, Panthers and Tampa Bay. We love to beat the Saints, especially in New Orleans, so let’s count that as a win, 6 – 6. I think if we can beat the Lions twice, that brings us to 8 – 6, and would require us to either beat the Bucs or Panthers. I think if we can get to 9 – 7, we would be guaranteed a playoff spot, but 8-8 will drop us out.

Like I said above, the Vikings are DEAD. But, if for some reason during COVID, we were to become Zombies and come back to life, I think that’s our path forward. For now, I am going to enjoy this week having stolen another one from Rodgers in Green Bay and hope that everyone stays healthy in preparation for the game versus the Lions at home next Sunday. Currently the line is -4 in favor of the Vikings, which I hope goes down to under 3 by the weekend.


Skol Vikes


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