NFL Week 13 Vikings Preview: SO NERVOUS

I die inside every time there’s a graphic up that shows the Vikings are “in the hunt”.  I am so conditioned to be hurt, that I am waiting for it. Losing to Dallas was the start, then getting sucked back in last week with a last second win against the Panthers is setting me up to just get murdered Sunday with a loss to the Jags.

Is Mike Glennon still starting? According to ESPN he is. Their defense is also riddled with injuries. Which means we are now ten-point favorites and that is NEVER a good sign. No way we cover, but I am hoping we can pull out a win and get to .500. The game is at home, which helps, I think Kirk plays better at home and on the turf then he does with real grass.

Again, it’s a game they should win, it’s a game I think they can win. I just hope they go to work, get it done and no one gets hurt. Mike Zimmer should be doing a good job keeping them focused on the game this week. I don’t expect them to get caught looking ahead to Tampa.

Update, I wrote the above on Thursday and waiting until Sunday morning incase there were any updates. It looks like Mattison is out today, and with Cook banged up against a rough Jags defense, I will be on pins and needles the whole game. Here’s hoping they can pull it out!

Let’s go! SKOL.

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