NFL Week 13 Recap: Vampire Mode: My Heart Is Dead

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Week 13 Recap:

Something I have been struggling with is separating what I want to happen versus what I think will happen. Sometimes they are the same, but most times they are different. I have decided to murder my own heart. I am now a vampire. I am alive during the games and am ready to suck the blood of winners from here on out. Don’t worry about me emotionally, the Vikings have broken my heart enough times by now, it wasn’t hard to end it. While I went 4-5 this week, I was able to survive with some of the over / under plays I had. I am going to start keep track of those picks as well but keep them separate. Week 14 will be the first week for those picks, so look for the preview blog tomorrow and a modified format.

Week 13 Record: 4-5 | Overall: 32 – 29 – 1 (52.4%)

#1 Kansas City Chiefs (-14, O/U 51) vs Denver Broncos (Win)

The Chiefs had like a MILLION trips to the red-zone and only scored 22 points. I had no business winning this pick. What is crazy to me is the people out there now saying that the Chiefs are overrated. I think what happened here is the Chiefs ran into a Broncos team that got embarrassed the week prior and they were not going to get blown out two weeks in a row. The Chiefs have always been #1 in my rankings and I still think they are the favorites to win the Super Bowl. The next two games will be interesting for the Chiefs with them both being on the road versus the Dolphins and then the Saints. I think there’s a chance they lose one of those games and then get hot the last two weeks versus the Falcons and Chargers at home going into the playoffs and most likely the AFC bye.

#2 Buffalo Bills (Even, O/U 47.5) at San Francisco 49ers (Win)

The Bills are good. Are they good enough to be consistent through the playoffs? We will have to see. But, winning the game after traveling to the west coast against a 49ers team that has given other teams troubles was a good win. I would love to see them play the Chiefs in the AFC championship game, in fact that is my pick at this point, provided the schedule aligns that way. Either way, a playoff game between those two teams would be amazing!

#3 Pittsburgh Steelers (-7.5, O/U 42) vs Washington Football Team (Win)

The Steelers are frauds. They have a great defense. But it seems the colder it gets, the worse their receivers are. This is now the second week in a row that Ben throws pass after pass that hits his receivers in their hands and they drop it. Week 17 versus the Browns is going to be an awesome game, especially if it has playoff seeding implications (it should). Right now they are underdogs on Sunday night versus the Bills and I think that is correct. I expect a first round exit for them, and potentially a scenario where they don’t make the playoffs… which would be INSANE.

#4 New Orleans Saints (-3, O/U 45) at Atlanta Falcons (Win)

The Saints are for real, and it’s like we are reliving last year. With Brees out and recovering, the Saints are looking like they are going to be primed for another playoff run.It would be a shame if something Happened to them - Internet Justice  Jonathan - quickmeme It would be a shame if the Vikings were to somehow make the playoffs and break their hearts again. That would be so awesome and continued penance for having murdered Brett Favre and stealing our Super Bowl.

#5 Green Bay Packers (-8.5, O/U 48) vs Philadelphia Eagles (Loss)

The fact that the Eagles didn’t cover this game is so frustrating. They had the chance to and for once it wasn’t the offense that blew it. It was the defense letting the Packers run basically untouched all the way down the field. Hurts is starting now for the Eagles this week, and it will be interesting to see how much of a “spark” he brings to a team that has seemingly mailed it in.

#6 Arizona Cardinals (+3, O/U 48.5) vs #10 Los Angeles Rams (Loss)

Here’s the game where I definitely picked with my heart and lost. The Rams are good. I think they win tomorrow night versus the Patriots and cover, but more on that tomorrow. This game for me was more about teams figuring out how to defend Murray more than anything else. The contain by the Ram’s front four was perfect and Murray wasn’t able to move around like he’s used to being able to do. If teams are able to contain him to the pocket like we have seen the past couple of weeks, I think the Cardinals are going to be out of the playoff hunt. I wouldn’t mind that as a Vikings fan, but we will see if the Cardinals can adjust their strategy, because what was working in the first half of the season is not working right now.

#7 Miami Dolphins (-11.5, O/U 42.5) vs Cincinnati Bengals (Loss)

Credit to Tua and the Dolphin’s defense. I was a doubter and I got burned. The Bengals are just waiting for this season to be over so they can start again with a recovered Burrow. The Dolphins have a real playoff test coming up this week versus the Chiefs and it will be interesting to see how they match up. I am still not sold on Tua, I do not think he has the decision-making skills to go far in the playoffs, but I could be wrong. This Sunday will give us another sample to review.

#8 Tennessee Titans (-5.5, O/U 54) vs Cleveland Browns (Loss)

Holy shit did Baker ball out. Like, the Browns should have threatened his job last year. I would like to think I would have changed my pick had I known that he was publicly put on the hot seat, but I probably wouldn’t. Peoples-Jones also showed up and the Browns are some how for real. It’s so hard for me to continue to see winning scores next to their logo, but I guess we may have to get used to it. The one – two punch with Chubb and Hunt is legit. As far as the Titans go, I think their defense has been exposed and they were missing Brown. The major difference from last year’s playoff success and this year is on the defensive side and they need to address that ASAP or they are going to drop from the conversation QUICKLY.

#9 Seattle Seahawks (-10.5, O/U 47) vs New York Giants (Loss)

I don’t know what to say about this game. Giant’s fans are now coming out of the wood work. Russell is NOT unlimited anymore. The Seahawks defense does suck. Times are changing and I cannot wait for Week 14.

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