A Tribute to Grandma Urgo

For me, looking through the lens of the camera is a constant search for inspiration. Sometimes it’s the rugged texture of a weathered old tree, or a picturesque landscape at sunset that is meant to be preserved. However, some special circumstances don't require special inspiration. Some things just spark joy automatically the second they come into frame.





If you were ever lucky enough to meet Grandma Urgo, you would know the Canadian Goose was her favorite. Every visit to her house provided a new opportunity to appreciate the numerous paintings, pictures, and figures depicting the unique birds.





I can’t help but smile when capturing these overly vocal, yet graceful birds. Waves of memories wash over me as I observe them in their waterfowl world. Memories of watching sports, painting, and listening to her laugh at all my jokes, no matter how crude.






It’s amazing how such a simple animal can have such a profound impact on your psyche. As I sit in my office preparing to edit the images you are seeing in this post, I am overwhelmed with a sense of her presence. It’s as if she is sitting here with me. Just hanging out, watching hockey, and nodding in approval at the images I am sharing with you.





I miss her, but not in a sad way. The memories exist in a warm and happy way. Knowing that while she’s not her physically, she’s here in spirit watching the geese with me. I can hear Yanni, the first CD she ever gave me, as I watch the geese fly by.


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