NFL Week 12 Vikings Preview: Delusional Thoughts & Teddy’s Return

We lost to the Cowboys. Anyone who is a true Vikings fan is going to still have hope for the playoffs. But in the back of our minds we know it’s over. To quote JP from Grandma’s Boy, it’s just “delusional thoughts, from fantasy island”.

Before diving into the game today, I did have a note on the Denver game, with none of their QBs available. I am going to stick with my pick, and I took the extra points this morning at +15 and also took the Over at 36. Either way it’s going to be wildly entertaining to watch.

Back to the Vikings, who welcome back Teddy to Minnesota. The question for today’s game: can the Vikings stop the rush? If they can, I think they win the game (provided Kirk doesn’t throw more than one pick). If they can’t, I think the Panthers are going to wipe the field and Teddy can laugh in everyone’s face. It’s going to come down to the front four and I am not going to lie, I am nervous.

All we can do is sit back and grimace. If we do win though, they playoff hunt is back on! You can bet that should we pull this out, I will become the biggest Bears fan in the country tonight. All we can hope for is that the NFC keeps praying on itself and keeping the race close.

Let’s go. SKOL.

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