NFL Week 11 Vikings Preview: I am in a Dark Place

I am not doing well right now. Seriously, between the pandemic and the Cardinals, I have nothing. I have been in a funk since Thursday. Then, yesterday I got my heart ripped out by Cincy and Oklahoma. I did not want to ruin the Vikings chances of winning today by talking about them.

So, I won’t. I won’t talk about how the Dallas Cowboys stink, or how Dalvin Cook is primed to have a huge game. I won’t talk about Jefferson doing the Griddy Dance against America’s team at home. I won’t talk about how Zimmer may have the guys believing in the system.


I definitely won’t talk about how Dalton is coming back after COVID and players coming back after having COVID are playing terrible. I am just going to sit back and hope I can get back on track today and enjoy the games. I am going to order some delivery food, have some beers, and see what happens.

Let’s have a Sunday!

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