New Conspiracy Theory: What if the Conspiracy Theories Are the Conspiracy?


Stay with me, and put on your tin foil hats. What if… every single conspiracy theory was made up? What if the ACTUAL conspiracy, was having people believe in conspiracy theories as a diversion. A diviersion from how completely inept global leaders and the elite actually are.

I know. CRAZY right?

Here’s my logic. Think of any conspiracy theory….

Thinking of one?

Ok, now, I would bet in that theory, in order for it to be true, it requires there to be a secretive group that is somehow able to keep things under wraps.  Example: The Government having Aliens in their possession. This would require every single person who knows about the aliens to never ever let legitimate proof out to the public.

It’s easy to think that it could be plausible for that to happen, until you take a step back and think about people. People SUCK. People suck at their jobs, people suck at their relationships, people suck at everything. So, you mean to tell me, that people, who work for the GOVERNMENT, would be able to keep secrets to any extent?


There is NO SHOT. If there was going to be any conspiracy that is actually plausible, it’s this. It’s the theory that people of power, who suck, want our attention on things that are pure fantasy. That way our attention is taken away from how much the people in charge of running our country all suck. I don’t care what party you think you support. They all suck. All of them.


Because no one who is actually that smart and cool headed actually wants any of these jobs. The real smart people are the ones making millions and using the people in politics as their puppets behind the scenes. THAT is the conspiracy. Making things up or letting others make things up that give the appearance that the people in our government are competent, when they actually are just normal people. Normal people just like everyone else, who forget to do stuff, make mistakes and when they know something cool, can’t keep it to themselves.

So what should we do?




Enjoy the conspiracies like a fictional movie, because who doesn’t like thinking of Bigfoot. But, do not, for a second, think that anyone is smart or disciplined enough to keep any sort of secret. All these people are just trying to figure everything out; same as you and me.

Don't get caught up in something THEY want you to be distracted by.




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