Calling All Mario Kart Fans!

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So, I came across this article on and am really excited that more companies are starting to do more with augmented reality! Before I completely nerd out with excitement, I will say that companies like Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony need to start exploring more family type subscription plans. For example, our whole family loves to play Animal Crossing together, but in order for each person to have the same experience and “own” their own island, each person needs to own their own Nintendo Switch or Switch Light AND must buy the game. This means that for all of us to play the same game together, we need four copies of the game at $59.99 any time. That is $240 every time, not to mention the initial cost of each switch.

I think it would be a more long-term sustainable revenue model, and easier for consumers if they started having more subscription services (they are trending this way). They would have different levels that provide access to more exclusive games or allow families access without having to buy multiple copies of a game. A good example of this is when you purchase MS Office for your family, it can be registered with up to 4 or 5 devices. The same could be applied here.

Finances aside, I am ready for this type of game. I have been playing Mario Kart since the beginning. Now, let me clarify, I have been PLAYING, I am in now way a wizard. I can definitely hold my own, but that’s not a game that I can claim as something that I would stomp on people. See me in a Golf game, that’s for sure my bread n butter. This game, which is called “Mario Kart Live” launches tomorrow (October 16th, 2020) and merges Mario Kart with the real world!

The software download itself for the game is free, but the car will cost you $99. So far the only options for cars are Mario and Luigi, I am hoping they develop more and more characters in the future. The software will guide you through ensuring your house is set up appropriately and according to the article you need an open space of around 10 to 12 feet. Then you power up and start racing on the tracks that you have designed. The cars can detect obstacles and will even deduct coins for bumping into them!

I think this is AWESOME! I love RC Cars, I even bought a new one during the pandemic to play with. What kills me as a guy in his 30s with two daughters who also love to play video games; is I cannot buy this for myself and not for them. AND if I buy it for them, my wife is going to want one, so now we are at $400 as a family to play this game.


Not to mention AGAIN – we bought everyone their own Switch Light, which was over $1,000 once it was said and done. So with the Xbox Series X coming out, along with the new Hogwarts game (blog to come soon), we should probably sit down as a family and strategically think about what direction we want to go.


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