The Foosball People Have Failed Globally

Let me just start by saying that I have a wonderful network of friends. You guys are all awesome, and if you’re reading this, I am hoping that I have now guilted you into liking and sharing this blog.

Anyways. One of these awesome friends happened to gift me with a foosball table that he was no longer using. Immediately I set up the table in the basement and proceeded to get my ass handed to me by my wife. This was a hard pill to swallow. But, after I gathered my pride, we then opened the competition up to the kids and they instantly were into it.

While we were playing however, my youngest daughter kept yelling at the players to “get the ball boy!”. I and am a huge advocate for girl power (girl dad here), I wondered if there were fun replacement players available for foosball tables.

Take the girl boy thing out of it, most foosball table players are pretty boring anyways. Think of all of the fun combinations that could be made! So, I turned to the only place anyone can turn: The Internet.

Needless to say, in this case, the internet failed, and I think that some companies *cough* Disney *cough* Universal *cough* are missing out on a potential market.

The tables here are fine, I guess, but for those of us that have a table, replacement players are all just so bland and uninspired. The Corona table is fun, but probably played out.

Some are actually disturbing!

Like what is THIS!? Way too creepy.

Can you imagine being able to order a pack of Marvel or DC characters to add to your foosball table? Or even EPL teams? My mind was expecting a myriad of options to show my daughters to choose from and was immediately let down. No Disney characters, Peanuts, Ninja turtles? The list can go on and on, and in the world today where everyone is trying to capitalize on past nostalgia, who dropped the ball here?!

I mean there are thousands of those Funko POP figurines, no one thought to make sets for foosball tables? Come on! You could even have multiple sets and have a quick release way to interchange teams? There could be BLIND BAGS (kids hate those right?) and you could collect and build your team to go head to head.

I am in no way a marketing genius, but I think we have something here. Either way, I guess for now I am stuck with what we have, which is the Red Boys vs the Blue Boys I guess. Maybe one day I will get motivated and take them off and paint them wild colors. Or, maybe someone with an awesome 3D printer wants to get together and get in the business of making foosball characters.

The question is, if you could customize your own foosball team (13 Players), who you got!?

Me (off the top of my head): The Four Ninja Turtles (Duh.) / Link / Thor / Deadpool / Star-Lord / Captain Marvel / Black Widow / Maui / Mario / Baby Yoda

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