NFL Week 6 Preview, Power Rankings and, Picks

Week 5 Power Rankings:

  1. Green Bay Packers
  2. Seattle Seahawks
  3. Kansas City Chiefs
  4. Baltimore Ravens
  5. Tennessee Titans
  6. Buffalo Bills
  7. Los Angeles Rams
  8. Pittsburgh Steelers
  9. New England Patriots
  10. Arizona Cardinals

Considered: Panthers, Bears, Browns, Raiders

  1. Green Bay Packers

If the NFL is able to survive COVID-19 and get to a Super Bowl, I believe the Green Bay Packers are your COVID Super Bowl Champions. This pains me as a Vikings fan, but I am a believer in the power of a good quarterback scorned. That’s what Rogers is, he has talked himself into having a massive chip on his shoulder and he’s playing like it. The only set of weakness that they have right now is Defense, but I believe that will improve as the season progresses. Currently they are averaging 374.8 yards allowed as a defense. If they can get that down to 300 by the playoffs, the road for them is clear. In case you were wondering on the Barstool Sports Book – Green Bay is +1000 to win the Super Bowl right now.

This weekend the Packers are -1 against a Tampa Bay team that cannot win if Tom Brady is pressured. I expect the Pack to focus on making Tom move and winning this game that will probably be close. I also love the Over 55.5 in this one.

  1. Seattle Seahawks

If Green Bay’s defense is Sus, then Seattle’s is just a little bit more Sus (Suspect for the boomers out there). But like the Packers, they have a dependable and motivated quarterback, and to me that’s a formula for success. They also have a cohesive group that buys into the formula for winning.

Seattle is on a bye this week, but looking forward to week 7 there’s a great 4pm matchup with the Cardinals.

  1. Kansas City Chiefs

On paper, in my opinion, they are the best team in the league, I doubt many people would argue with that notion. The challenge right now is, they have been inconsistent in the way they have shown up to play the first five weeks. In order to avoid a surprise exit in the playoffs, the Chiefs need to tighten things up and create some consistency.

KC is the front end of the Monday Night double header this week, and they’re facing a Bills team that’s hot off a bad loss to the Titans. I think this is an opportunity for the Chiefs to re-establish their dominance, but with the game in Buffalo and a Buffalo team looking to rebound, I think it’s close and I will take the Bills at +4 right now.

  1. Baltimore Ravens


This team is at risk of falling quick if they cannot show up against quality opponents. Losing to the Chiefs was a glimpse into their future, if they cannot prepare properly for stronger teams. I have placed them in the four spot, only because of their defensive strength and convincing wins they have against lesser opponents.

Baltimore is giving up -8 against the Eagles and there are a lot of questions here, like will Alshon and D-Jack be back this week for the Eagles? Will Peters and Smith be back for the Ravens? There are just too many knowns, but as long as the line stays in single digits, I am on the Ravens.

  1. Tennessee Titans

I could not keep Derrick Henry out of the top 5, and with the way that he and Tannehill looked against a legit Bills’ defense, the titans will be interesting to watch over the next four weeks. They should win all four, with the biggest test being the Steelers in week 7. If they are able to pull that off, that would put them at 8-0 and a fairly easy schedule to finish out the year.

Houston got their first win last week versus Jacksonville and almost single handedly killed my long shot parlay. Do I think they will cover against a stacked Titans team fresh off a win? No, and certainly not at home. I will take the Titans -3.5 right now.

  1. Buffalo Bills

The Bills were at the five spot until the special Tuesday night game, where I believe the hype surrounding Josh Allen has been dampened (just slightly). The road doesn’t get easier the next three weeks with the Chiefs, Jets and Patriots. If the Bills can win two out of three of those games, they will set themselves up for success, but losing two out of three will hurt them as they have the Seahawks, Cardinals, Steelers, Chargers and Patriots one more time on their remaining schedule.

As I previously mentioned, I am going to ride this week with the Bills defense bouncing back and covering +4.

  1. Los Angeles Rams


I just can’t count out Goff and McVay even though all they have really done this year is beat the all the teams in the worst division in football (NFC East) and lost to the aforementioned Bills. However, it’s that game versus the Bills that shows that they are a legitimate team. This Sunday night’s game is going to be a good watch as they take on a 49ers team that is in disarray, but statistically is very similar to the Rams. Both defenses giving up an average of 330 ish yards and offenses producing around 400 yards give or take.

The line for the Rams this weekend is only -3 and I expect that to dominate the mis mashed 49ers offense and win by 10+.

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers

I keep betting against them, and they keep winning. With all of the talk about this weekend’s game against the Browns, I am interested to see if they can get to Ben. So far every team they have played, really hasn’t been able to get him to the ground. If the Steelers are able to continue to protect Ben, I think they will continue to have success. But, if teams are able to hit Ben, I just can’t think he has a long shelf life, and without him throwing the ball, they are doomed.

The line for the Steelers Sunday is -4 right now, and it’s going to come down to the Steelers rush defense against the Browns powerful rushing game. I think the Steelers win this in a close one, maybe by a field goal, but not by 4 or more – take the points with the Browns.

  1. New England Patriots

Cam Newton is back. Bill never left. I have to include them in the top ten until there is a large consistent sample size to say otherwise. One thing is certain, if anyone else on the Patriots team tests positive for COVID, Bill may go to jail for murdering someone. I can’t imagine the disciplinary conversations around personal conduct that has been going on in that locker room. Which is why they will always be relevant; team discipline and consistent game plans will always be on their side.

As for Sunday, the Patriots are -9.5 against a 1-3 Broncos team that has teased a Drew Lock return. For me, I will take a rested Cam Newton in New England in a game that could get ugly in favor of the Patriots.

  1. Arizona Cardinals

I love watching Murray throw and run the ball. It’s almost confusing as to why their record isn’t better. The answer is their defense, which sucks. Only of the only defenses that is worse is the one they are playing on Monday night. The Cardinals vs Dallas matchup always reminds me of a childhood poster I had with Emmitt Smith getting tackled by Lynn Swann. Iconic. If the Cardinals cannot get the defensive side of the ball under control, they may find themselves on the outside looking in to the playoffs, which would be a major disappointment.

As for Monday, to me, this is easy money, which is concerning. Only currently giving up -1 to a Cowboys team who has only beat the Falcons (who refuse to win) and the Giants, this seems to be an easy pick. The only x-factor I could see odds makers considering is the motivation to “Win for Dak” – I don’t see this happening. Hammer the Cardinals -1. I also love the Over 55 in this one.


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