What is Intellectual Nebula? Besides some silly name for a website.

Self-consciously it could appear to be pompous or conceded, but I assure you that’s not my intention.

For a brief period, I was able to share an office with one of the best “bosses” I have had in my career. I put that in quotes, because while he was my direct superior, we really worked in tandem and as equals. It was in that office that I started to refer to our brains as the “Intellectual Nebula”. At first, I kept this to myself, but when I shared it with him and made him laugh, I thought I may have something.

So, after months of thought and back and forth internally as to what I could do with such a name, I decided to purchase the domain and let my ideas continue to matriculate in my head.

I have decided on three main objectives for the site:

  1. I want a platform to record and share with the world my thoughts and hobbies in a way that would bring joy and fulfillment to my life, like photography and coaching.
  2. I want to continue to challenge myself to try new things like blogging and starting a podcast.
  3. I want to be an inspiration to those that are looking for a nudge to be creative or be a platform for those who may be creative but may not have the technical knowledge to start and maintain a website.

To me: those three points above is “what” Intellectual Nebula is to me, a “Mission Statement” if you will.


Again, self-consciously some people may think I am trying to rip off of Barstool Sports. Admittedly, I like Barstool Sports, I find their content hilarious. But this website is not meant to be a smaller or lighter version of that. I am sure there will be some content overlap from time to time, because of the diverse nature of their content. Ultimately though, this site is not that. This site will focus on promoting creativity and will not have as big of a focus on current events or have a sports centric focus.


I plan on contributing to two blogs, one being my personal blog and journey and the other being a blog through my lens as a College Hockey Coach. I believe that in sports there are many lessons that apply not only to the sport, but to life as well. That blog will focus on those lessons.


The site will feature my first podcast “The C.I.A. – The Coaches’ Infinite Answers” which is done in partnership with Coach Jim Candleana and is available right now on YouTube, Stitcher, Spotify, Google, and TuneIn; soon to be featured on iTunes!


I will continue to promote my photography and will look to eventually sell prints and can be hired for family portraits or other photographic requests. I am also open to professional consultative opportunities as I have my MBA and a Master’s in Technology Management. For a complete professional background, please check out my LinkedIn Page.

I am building a similar model however, to Barstool Sports, so if I begin to have a following or if friends are interested in utilizing a platform to blog on, host podcasts, display photography or promote their consultative services; IntellectualNebula.com could be come just that platform. If this website gains traction, it is not my intent to own all of the content exclusively and am more than happy to diversify what I affectionately refer to in my head as “The Nebula”.


So, what is Intellectual Nebula?

In short, presently, it’s a launch pad of my own creativity that will most certainly evolve. I am excited to share this journey with whoever happens to stop by and look forward to whatever new experience and opportunities manifest themselves!


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