I am Waiting For a Call From Discovery Channel, Nat Geo or The History Channel to Start My Career

I Can Be an Expert TV Scientist Too

I am now that age where I can say “back in my day”.

Back in my day, we did actual science. You know, where you create a hypothesis and conduct experiments? Now, we live in a world, where if you’re watching the History Channel or National Geographic most of what you are consuming is hyperbolic, hypothetical fantasy theory.

In my opinion this is all our fault. Who? All the people that lost their mind over Discovery Channel’s Mermaid Show. The amount of people who assumed the show was science and true opened the door for all these media outlets to pray on our weak minds desperate for a world that is cooler than the one that actually exists.

That’s fine, I am all for it. Ancient Aliens? Wildly entertaining show. I just want to do THAT job myself! I will quit coaching, quit my IT job and just travel the world and make shows talking about what MAY have happens thousands or millions of years ago.

Picture this:

Me: Mike Urgo walking through the Serengeti with a camera crew and a guide looking for old human bones. The camera pans around the open Serengeti and then to my face with one of those awesome explorer hats on, and probably a camo vest. Why a camo vest? Why not?!

I am staring off into the distance with a very profound look, and I turn my gaze to the camera and say:

Lizard People.

Some find it to be a funny joke. Some say there is no evidence. But, is it possible that they did exist? Is it possible they existed BEFORE humans?

Ancient Lizard People Theorist say ‘Yes’. I am Mike Urgo, an Ancient Lizard People Theorist, and we are here in Africa to search for evidence of Ancient Lizard People”.

Tell me you would not want to watch that kind of TV?

If you’re answer is no, you’re a liar.

All I am saying is, if all it takes to get on these TV science shows is either be a celebrity (see the last two years of shark week) or have crazy hair and be open to crazy ideas… look no further!

I am your man.

Discovery, History Channel, Nat Geo – HIRE ME!

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