They Aren’t Ready for DaLEO – #RDDivers Unite #StartYourEngines

Let me first start out by saying that this is a blog in relation to Barstool Sports. If you’re not a fan or follower of Barstool, this probably will not make much sense to you. I have been a fan of Barstool Sports for years now. I find the content funny and entertaining as I slog through my week in the corporate jungle. It also has turned me on to casual sports gambling, which over the last couple of years has made sports viewing that much more exciting.

As I have jumped down the rabbit hole that is sports gambling, one dynamic personality at Barstool has been Rico. Rico is hilarious. His antics and the dynamic between him and others on Barstool is wildly entertaining. Over the past few months, as I have reengaged with my website (side hustle) and writing blogs and being a more active participant on Twitter, I started to follow the evolution of Rico as he gained more of a role at Barstool. Don’t get me wrong, I would love at one point to be able to write or create content for a company like Barstool, but for now, I will play in the kiddie pool.

Before I knew it though, I had been blocked by Rico. This was at first very surprising, as I had no idea what I had done in order to be blocked. Then I looked back and I realized I had been enjoying the banter between Rico and another personality Jeff Nadu, and apparently, I had liked too many tweets.

Well now, all bets are off, I am not necessarily on team Nadu or team Rico, I am team content. The two of them going at each other was / is funny. The line is crossed however, when I get blocked. Because, now as I sit in my home office plugging away, I only get to see half the story. What Rico doesn’t realize is that Barstool is for the people. People like me sitting in their “home offices” or driving to and from work just trying to keep a smile on our face during the COVID times.

What I will not stand for is exclusion. It’s one thing to be a man of principle, but to work for a content company and not embrace the haters, you’re in the wrong profession man. I am a man of the people. That would be like me working in IT and telling my boss that I don’t like using a mouse, that I need someone else to click stuff for me. It goes hand in hand.

So what I am doing is starting a revolution. Not some support group where people whine and complain. I am a man of action. I drive my own change. That is why today, on, Raphikey DaLEO is going to lead the new revolution of Drivers. #RDDrivers. We are new revolution, here to drive change and make shit happen.

What shit? Whatever we damn want.

See you soon.


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