Get Off of the Couch and Do Something!

Motivational Monday.

What a cliché.

Can’t you hear your boss starting off the week saying that in a meeting?

INSTANT EYE ROLL. Gimme a break.

Motivation is good though, and it can come from multiple sources. As the days and weeks continue to blur into each other, it’s good to take a step back – reset, and prepare yourself to tackle the week!

During this pandemic, to me, it can feel like coaching through a losing streak. When you haven’t had a win in a while, everything seems heavier and more difficult. Handling this new reality in dealing with the pandemic can easily put you into a funk. Normal day to day tasks like brushing teeth or making the bed start to feel unnecessary, because: why bother?

What do we do?

In my opinion we’ve got to focus on two things:

  1. Quick wins
  2. Back to basics

Get yourself a quick win and build off it. On the ice, that may be a big hit, great breakout, or high tempo shift. Breakdown the day and find some things to give yourself credit for completing.

Then you can start to turn some of those small wins into big ones! For me, my first small win was going for a good walk around the neighborhood on Saturday and looking forward to another walk this afternoon. My goal is to start making walking every day a habit while working from home to get away from my office and desk.

Although, it’s a pretty sweet set up.

Last season there was a time where we had lost a few games in a row and we needed to reset. We started that process by getting back to the basics, especially in the first practice of the week. We focused on skating, going through power skating drills at the beginning of practice. Then we focused on passing and level of effort.

Sometimes we think the answers to our problems are really complicated, but instead the answer is simple and sitting right in front of us!

So as you start your week, or if you’re reading this at a later time and need a kick in the pants: let’s get some quick wins and get back to basics to take full advantage of a tough situation!

Stay patient as we weather this storm and have confidence that we will be stronger and evolve from it.



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