NFL Week 9 Vikings Recap: No Picks, No Problem.

Things I said would happen Sunday:

  1. We would win
  2. Defense Leads the way (3 Interceptions, 20 points allowed)
  3. Kirk Struggles (13 – 20) 3 TDs*
  4. We aren’t going to be able to run the ball like against Green Bay

Immediate Reactions:

  • Solid win for the team, and a good first step
  • Defense played well, but taking into consideration Stafford didn’t take one snap in practice
  • Kirk is not the QB of the future, but when he doesn’t throw a pick we win, but if he throws a pick we have lost every game this year
  • Dalvin Cook is on a tour right now, eventually a team is going to stack the box and make Kirk beat them

The Vikings are now three games back from Green Bay. Green Bay’s next four games are against the Colts, Bears, Eagles and Lions. Our next four games are against the Bears, Cowboys, Panthers, and Jaguars. If the Vikings can go 4-0 and the Packers go 2-2, that would put us 1 game back and have a fighting chance at the division. I am predicting the next four weeks will determine if the playoffs are still an option or if we are out.

What gives me hope is the defense. Zimmer has maintained that it would take time for the younger guys to catch on to the scheme and I think that’s happening. If they can maintain this trajectory and focused on one week at a time, I believe we can make the playoffs. They just can’t get caught looking at the schedule and leave that up to people at their computers like me.

What should not get lost though, is every time the Vikings have lost, Kirk has thrown a pick. Kirk hasn’t thrown one interception in any of the Vikings wins this season. If the Vikings can avoid turning the ball over, specifically Kirk, then we will be ok.

Looking forward to next Monday night!


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