It’s Back & I Hate GMC

I don’t even care if they get extra views from this blog. This is hands down one of the worst commercials on the history of the planet. In fact, all holiday car commercials suck ass. Sorry for being crass, but literally fuck these commercials.

Here’s the one I am talking about. It came out last year, and I saw it again for the first-time last night.


If you don’t feel like watching, in short, the wife / girlfriend buys her and her husband / boyfriend smart watches for the holidays. She says: “One for me and one for you”. Then he goes outside and has bought two cars and says: “One for me and one for you”. The “funny” part is supposed to be that he insinuates the truck is for him and the SUV is for her, but when she replies: “I love it”, she runs to the truck.

Just typing that out, I died inside. Whoever came up with this commercial should be fired and never allowed in marketing ever again. In fact, all holiday car commercials should be banned. 99.9% of people cannot afford to buy a brand-new baller car for their spouse for Christmas. All those Lexus, Mercedes, and BMW commercials. Absurd, driving through the snow all fast like that’s even possible. It’s the fault of those commercials why no one knows how to actually drive in the snow.

Just saw a GMC advertisement where a fairly young couple live in this  amazing house and the guy bought his wife AND himself cars for Christmas.  What kind of fairytale land areOne last thing and then I will end my rant. Where are these architecturally beautiful houses? No one lives in houses like these! Do they come with the car? Not to be the complete kill joy either but investing your money in a ridiculously expensive car has got to be the dumbest thing possible. There is literally no return on investment. So, thanks GMC, thanks for bringing back the most absurd commercial ever to kick off the holiday season right. Thanks a lot.



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