NFL Week 8 Vikings Preview

The Vikings are dead. Feel free to keep reading, but I assure you… DEAD. The spread for the Packers game is only -6.5 and if I wasn’t such a loyal fan, I would HAMMER that. But I won’t. It’s bad karma. What I will do is put a responsible unit on the Vikings moneyline so that if they do win, I will be EXTRA happy and if they lose, (which the will), I will be EXTRA sad.

The only glimmer of hope is having Dalvin Cook listed as questionable for the game. I think Cousins is ready to leave and is probably hoping he can reunite with Shanahan in San Fran, although the 49ers winning now hurts that a little.

It just feels like this team has no identity, there’s no standout play by the defense and the offense continues to shoot themselves in the foot with mistakes. Zimmer almost looks disinterested or aloof during pressers and it feels like everyone is going to coast through the remainder of the season. I hope I am wrong, but that’s the perception I have.

I cannot imagine that Zimmer is happy giving up 32 points a game and for all the hype, Gary Kubiak hasn’t been able to get consistent play out of cousins. Jefferson has been the only bright side of the year, I just fear for him in a culture that is seemingly mailing it in for the year. I would like to get excited, but what’s to say he doesn’t get shipped off at the deadline or prior to the draft.

I don’t care if the Vikings win this weekend or not. What I am looking for is the body language of the coaches and players to see if I can be a true fan the rest of the year, or if I need to go into hibernation until August, 2021.

Skol Vikes


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