NFL Week 8 Preview, Power Rankings and, Picks

NFL Week 8 Current Top 10 Power Rankings and Preview

DaLEO’s Power Rankings:

  1. Kansas City Chiefs (same)
  2. Pittsburg Steelers (same)
  3. Green Bay Packers (same)
  4. Baltimore Ravens (was 5)
  5. Seattle Seahawks (was 4)
  6. Arizona Cardinals (same)
  7. Tennessee Titans (same)
  8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (was 9)
  9. Las Angeles Rams (previously outside top 10)
  10. Buffalo Bills (was 8)

Week 8 Preview and Picks (Last week 5-3 or 5-1-2 depending):

  1. Kansas City Chiefs vs New York Jets (1:00pm)

The Chiefs are coming off a dominant win in the snow in Denver, while the Jets are coming off a field goal fest of a loss versus the Bills. As I write this the line is -19.5 with the Chiefs obviously favored. I am looking for every excuse to think that the Chiefs may not cover and here’s what I am considering. Can the Chiefs convert in the Redzone, something the Bills couldn’t do? Will the Chiefs sit players after they get up enough in the second half?

Come on. I cannot believe that Andy Reid is going to let his team do anything by dominate this game. I will take the Chiefs up until -20.5. I would not be surprised to see the Chiefs shut out the Jets in this game and potentially have multiple defensive scores.

  1. Pittsburg Steelers vs 4. Baltimore Ravens (1:00pm)

This has got to be the game of the week and the fact that we have to watch the Eagles and Cowboys Sunday night is criminal. I am officially petitioning the NFL to be allowed to flex any game to Sunday night for the whole season. The line is currently at -4 in favor of the Ravens, and I am struggling to understand why. The Steelers are coming off a big with against the Titans. The Ravens beat the Eagles last week, but started to let them come back in the end.

The X Factor here could be that this will be the first game in Baltimore this year with fans in attendance. According to the internets, the Ravens will be hosting 10% compacity, which will be about 7,000 fans all on the lower level. This could give them the edge. I do think this game will come down to a final drive, but I can’t help but take the Steelers at +4 with the way their defense is playing.

  1. Green Bay Packers vs Minnesota Vikings (1:00pm)

I will have a complete Vikings preview for everyone tomorrow. For the purpose of this blog, the Packers are favored at -7 after good win versus the Texans last week. The Vikings have shipped a DE to the Ravens but did activate Dalvin Cook this week. There’s definitely a perception that they have chalked it in for the season, and I cannot see them getting up too much for the 1pm game in Lambo.

The nail in the coffin however, is Green Bay’s loss to the Bucs. Green Bay will probably lose another game this season, but I don’t think it’s going to be a trap at home against a divisional rival. I will be rooting for the Vikings and may tease a same game parlay to get some action on the game at like +14 / Over 44.5, but I think the Packers cover the spread easily on Sunday.

  1. Seattle Seahawks vs San Francisco 49ers (4:25pm)

The 49ers have won their last two games, after seemingly losing their way. The Seahawks are looking to bounce back after their surprising overtime loss (called it) to the Cardinals. The key and defining factor in this game has got to be Russell Wilson. Throwing the pick in overtime after getting roughed up by a stout Arizona defense has probably been eating at him all week.

I am anticipating him to be on fire this game and for the Seahawks to win. Right now the spread is set at -3. I wish it was -2.5, because I think the 49ers can go back and forth with Seattle. What I do love is the over of 54 and a shoot out of a game. Ultimately, I will ride with the Seahawks at -3 and a pissed off Wilson, looking to make up for last week’s errors. Remember, he's UNLIMITED!

  1. Arizona Cardinals (Bye)

Low key, this is my underdog pick to win the NFC this year. I like the way Murray is maturing and I really like the way the defense is playing. Good teams find ways to win games. The Cardinals have the Dolphins next week, and I am rooting for Tua to show well, because I think that would be a good match-up between him and Murray.

  1. Tennessee Titans @ Cincinnati Bengals (1:00pm)

The Bengals are 28th in the league in average rushing yards against per game. Tennessee is 5th in the league in rushing yards per game. The Titans are favored at -5.5 and they are going to cover. I think this is pretty cut and dry. Joe Mixon is banged up for the Bengals. Some may be concerned that the Bengals will be able to throw all over the Titans to keep it close, but I think the Titans will be ready to get back on track after the close loss to the Steelers.

Had the Titans beat the Steelers, I would say this could be a trap game, but that is not the case. The over right now is 53.5 and I like that here as well.

  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ New York Giants (Monday Night Football)

Monday night football, Tom Brady fresh off a 25 point win against the Raiders, could they lose to the 1-6 Giants? No shot. Will the cover the spread of -11.5? I should think so. The Bucs are allowing an average of 66 rush yards a game. Which means that Daniel Jones is going to throw at LEAST two interceptions and this will turn into the most boring game in the world.

Which is why I will probably waste too much money on dumb prop bets, but hey, we are here to have fun right? Responsibly. That’s all I got, and maybe I am wrong, but this one is easy at -11.5, Bucs in a blowout boring Monday Night Football game.

  1. Las Angeles Rams @ Miami Dolphins (1:00Pm)

I would much rather watch this game on Monday night. Tua’s debut against Aaron Donald and the Rams. The Rams who are fresh off their impressive win Monday night versus the Bears who maybe gained 5 yards. The Dolphins are coming off a bye week and a 24-0 beat down of the Jets. The odds are in favor of the Rams at -3.5 and I am not sure if I am going to bet this game.

 I hate putting money down on a new quarterback, but I think the Dolphins have something going. I LOVE Fitzmagic, but if Tua has looked that good and can be plugged in, this should be a good game. I think this ultimately boils down to the locker room and whether the team is on board with the decision. Fitzpatrick was vocally upset. I haven’t heard any other thoughts from the rest of the team. I think I am going to take the chance and go with Tua and the points at +3.5, I will be interested to see if the line moves. If it moves to +3 or lower, I will switch and take the Rams.

  1. Buffalo Bills vs New England Patriots

It’s a trap! The Patriots are 2-4. Edelman is doubtful. The Bills are favored by -3.5 at home after the field fest in New York. The question is, do the Bills get back on track, or are they frauds and is the offense dying? Also, is Bill Belichick going to let the Patriots lose four in a row? Are they tanking? Can he pull off the impossible and get Trevor Lawrence?

Anything is possible with that guy! I can’t imagine the Bills not getting themselves together on offense, and I am going to take them -3.5 to win Sunday. I think Bill’s got bigger plans and they won’t come to fruition until 2021.

Thursday Night Football:

Can the Falcons lose again? Yes. Will it be more than 2? I hope so, because I took Carolina -2 and the Over at 51. I took that at 8am this morning and now the line is at -1.5. I think the game should be entertaining and I am hoping the Falcons do what they always do, and that’s win me money.

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