Netflix & Chill Review: Love is Blind

If you have not had the pleasure of watching Love is Blind on Netflix, stop now and watch it. It’s 11 episodes of cringe-worthy awesomeness. The premise of the show is several men and women all from the same city date each other with the purpose of getting engaged without ever seeing each other. They live in a compound for 10 days and date each other only by communication. There are these rooms (they call them pods) and each pod is connected to another one by a think wall. The participants rotate people they are talking to, until, if they want, they decide to get engaged (within ten days). Then the show follows the engaged couples as they see each other for the first time and prepare to decide if they will get married after 4 weeks of continued dating in person.

As a sociology major, this was very interesting to me.

If you don’t feel like watching, read on, but there will be SPOILERS!

Below are the questions I have and my thoughts about them.

  1. Why did we not see all the failed ones?

This kills me. We saw a couple of cringeworthy moments in the first and or second episode, but I would have preferred to get notified when people left or why they did not like anyone. I am surprised they ended up with the number of couples that proposed as they did, but like what happened to Rory? He seemed so wrapped up in Barnett’s relationships, but we never saw much of his conversations. That was disappointing. Same with that weird CEO that announced that he knew Lauren was African American on their first date. SO BAD. What happened to him?

  1. What realistically did the whole ten days look like scheduling wise?

This is something I would like to know for all shows like this. I would love to know the production secrets. Like in the bachelor / bachelorette the actual timelines of the shoots. Which is partly why I am a fan of big brother, because you know they are being taped 24/7.

Were they really talking to people all day for ten days? That would be exhausting. Depending on if you were the first or last person I talked to that day, you would get completely different versions of me. Man. How quickly do you get tired of telling the same stories or revealing the same thoughts over and over?


  1. What did people eat?

I don’t have a thought here, except curiosity. Like, did they have to cook or could they order out from GrubHub or DoorDash? I would be trying to get some good food if I were cooped up for that long, which leads me to my next question about alcohol.

You can’t be drinking for ten days straight on an empty stomach!

  1. How much alcohol was actually consumed?

There were mentions of alcohol and you could tell Jessica and a couple other participants definitely had their fair share. I would love to know the total count of bottles of vodka and wine that the producers ended up going through those first ten days.

Gotta be something serious.

  1. How many conversations were super x-rated and not shown?

I have this question specifically due to Carlton’s decision not to share his sexuality with Diamond during the blind dates. To me this is INSANE. The whole point of the experiment is to date someone for ten days blind and then get engaged to them and eventually married. Maybe this is just me, but I would like to think physical intimacy is a decent part of a marriage, wouldn’t some of those subject matters be covered in ten days of just talking? Or else, how boring are the conversations?

I mean I get it, you cover the following (in no particular order):

Family background, Age, Hobbies and Interests, Sports teams, Religion, Personal Political Beliefs, Kids, Living situations, Careers, TV Shows, Movies, Animals… after that – SEX?

Right?! No?!

Maybe I am just a horn ball, but seriously, the show talked so much about connecting on an emotional level. Isn’t some of that intimacy? I don’t see how you can separate the two?

Look at Jessica and Mark, Kelly and Kenny, Carlton and Diamond – all fell apart largely (in my opinion) due to lack of being able to establish an intimate connection.

Just saying.

Netflix – I KNOW you have some extra footage, let’s see it!


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