All of You Are Liars- YES EVEN YOU!

I have written this blog over and over; and deleted it over and over.

The truth is, I don’t know what the truth is anymore.

This is in no way meant to come across as holier than thou. But, I am just struggling to wrap my head around the amount of blatant lies that I have been witnessing, as well as the amount of unintentional misinformation that is spread across all of the social media platforms.

This has nothing to do with any party, race or movement. Everyone is doing it. Everyone is guilty of believing in FACTS due to social pressure that could turn out to be untrue. Everyone is guilty of feeling like they need to stretch the truth to prove a point.




And, after 3 or 4 months of trying to find the root cause, I have finally found it. Without a doubt, this is the reason why we, as a society, no longer car about being honest. Or pretend that feeling a certain way in the moment justifies sharing misinformation. This is the reason why we as a society suck so hard.


Makes me sick to my stomach. Just scrolling Facebook makes me want to puke and the scoop up that puke and throw it at everyone.


But it’s no one’s fault. It’s solely the fault of one specific MTV show.


Catfish. Nev Schulman and Max Joseph thought they were doing God’s work, finding these people and entertaining the masses in what seemed to be an oddly scripted show.


But what they really did was show everyone in the world how DUMB we as a society have become. We will believe ANYTHING.

Check out this fish I caught yesterday with my new robot girlfriend next to my yacht:


See, now immediately you might think I actually caught a small great white shark on my yacht with my robot girlfriend. In reality, I didn’t catch any fish yet, that shark is from Animal Crossing and I photo shopped it in, but you couldn’t tell!



All I ask is that we make a decision as a society, either we are all lying to each other and just accept it, or we gotta knock it the hell off, because for some reason people don’t believe me anymore when I tell them about my yacht and robot girlfriend.


So come on, let's all be honest about telling lies together.






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