I Am DaLeo

DaLeo– An Introduction

Nostradamus – December 1503 – 1566

Isaac Newton – 1643 – 1727

Henry Corbin – April 1903 – October 1978

Just names and years. All tired and played out prophets and philosophers, like lost cookie crumbs in the brown suede couch of a tired, balding, grumpy, judgmental old man.

How can anything they have said matter anymore?

Alright – gravity still does exist (thanks Newton), but maybe not for long as the syrup drips from trees.

Let’s be real. 2012 has come and past and the only thing the world gained was a movie with John Cusack that will suck you in and waste over two and a half hours of your day.

I can no longer sit on the sidelines and watch as the world spins like an out of control ice dancer dressed like a clown, with no sense of direction.

No direction or thoughts or feelings towards the distant future, like a blind green ant who cares not for his colony, but only to wander into the unknown world of mouse spirits and crusty paper towels.

Do you think that white bread futurist movies like Terminator or I Robot have it right?

Maybe. Maybe not.

But, I will tell you that while I don’t always claim to be right. I always claim to be correct. Correct in the sense of a warm purple swirled tea pot sitting on a rock in the middle of the desert surrounded by ghosts of tea party’s past.

My name is Raphikey DaLeo and I am here to set humanity, this planet and the galaxy back on course. A course that is as straight as it is windy, and as curvy as it is perpendicular. Drawn in lines of gummy bears across the clouds.

If you don’t think the galaxy is off course, just look at the virtual world you live in, take a deep long look. Now, take a shorter … shallower look. Now take a medium look that is 45% more than the shallow look but 55% less than the deeper look.

What do you see? Dennis Rodman.

Exactly. Why?

Off course. Off course like a rubber ball bouncing in a bowling alley alone, except for the spirits of lost middle school dates.

One time I saw a bird eating a cactus. Then, in my mind, that cactus became something else. Something bigger, something we all have yet to ever see. The thorns meant it could hurt us if we do not pay attention. If we were careful though, it could prove to be nutritious to our race and the planet. Now, in the virtual age of limitless information, be careful in consumption and avoid the thorns.

More to come, as the wind flies over the monkey and rains down fiery purple smoke that smells of cotton candy flavored cupcakes.


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