It’s Time. I am Asking for Help.

I remember being 7 or 8 years old and all I knew was Michael Jordan was the best, which dates me, but whatever. The point is, when on the playground, where all social situations used to take place (insert back in my day joke here), when I asked which NBA team I liked, I would reply: The Bulls.

Well, fast forward to today, that never really stuck with me. I have no ties to Chicago at all. So I find that right now, I am an adult and an avid sports fan, with no NBA team.

I will admit there was a small stint where I was a huge fan of Lob City. Watching them play was electric. But, I just cannot get myself to pull for an LA team. I mean, I am a man of principles.

So hear I am with no team, and if I am looking at the logical options, they look like this:

  1. Miami Heat / Orlando Magic

I was born in Florida, so I can appreciate these two teams and both have a strong history of having good teams. I would lean towards the Heat, because I am a fan of Jimmy Butler, but that could kind of be cheating since they just went to the finals.

Orlando to me is just meh.

Also. Florida?

  1. Minnesota Timber Wolves

Sigh. With family from Minnesota and being a Vikings fan, this could be an option. But, to be honest, rooting for another team that has never won a championship and seemingly isn’t interested in doing what it takes to make it happen… just seems depressing.

Even KG had to leave…

Also, not a huge fan of their jerseys.

  1. Washington Wizards

I live in the DMV and have for over 25 years, but I really hate most D.C. sports fans. Simply put: they are annoying. So this one is a quick no for me.


  1. Other

I think I am looking for something new, something fresh. Not from a main market either, so don’t come to me with the Mavericks, Knicks, or Celtics. I need something fun, something exciting and something with a freaking chance. Because the Vikings, Orioles and Devils haven’t been doing much lately!

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