I Stand Against Cruelty to Animals

Will you stand with me?

Every day, there are good boys and good girls who watch tv with their families.

My good boy’s name is Ollie and he is a very good boy.

Just look at that face.

He’s such a good boy.

The problem is, more and more television commercials are causing him confusion and tormenting his life causing severe mental strife.

What kind of commercials?

The kind where out of NO WHERE there’s a knock at the door or a doorbell!

This is unacceptable. I am a human, I can see in the commercial that food is being delivered or whatever product is being shoved down my throat to buy is seemingly delivered on time. We do not need this doorbell noise, that is ALWAYS louder than the commercial to come on and send my poor good boy into a confused frenzy!

As soon as he hears it, he has to bark to let us know someone is at the door, then he has to go check all the doors to make sure his ears didn’t deceive him. Once he realizes he has been duped, he comes back and looks at us with the most embarrassing and puzzled look.

I feel terrible, because he is such a good boy.

It is however, SUPER annoying at 10pm, while the kids are sleeping to send this good boy into a frantic state of emotions! All I want is to quietly watch trash television before I fall asleep and next thing I know a Reese’s commercial comes on and ends with that loud doorbell, which sends Ollie into guard dog mode instead of cuddly sleepy mode.

So, I am writing this in the hopes that somewhere a Marketing Director sees this and puts an end to the tortuous doorbells and door knocks in these commercials. My good boy and all other good boys and good girls around the world would appreciate it.

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