NFL Week 7 Preview, Power Rankings and, Picks

NFL Week 7 Current Top 10 Power Rankings and Preview

Power Rankings:

  1. Kansas City Chiefs (was 3)
  2. Pittsburg Steelers (was 8)
  3. Green Bay Packers (was 1)
  4. Seattle Seahawks (was 2)
  5. Baltimore Ravens (was 4)
  6. Arizona Cardinals (was 10)
  7. Tennessee Titans (was 5)
  8. Buffalo Bills (was 6)
  9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (previously unranked)
  10. Chicago Bears (previously unranked)

Last Week's Pick record: 4-5. Follow my Twitter moving forward to track my picks and record.

Week 7 Preview and Picks:

  1. Kansas City Chiefs


The Chiefs won a big game in the rain in Buffalo. To me this just boils down to weapons and the Chiefs have weapons. They also were able to neutralize a legitimate running attack from the Bills. This week in their matchup against Denver, in Denver will be another test. Denver, despite looking like things should be falling off the rails are continuing to gut out games and have won their last two.

As far as wining the game, I think the Chiefs will win this one, I don’t anticipate this game being a situation where they fall into a “trap”. The line however is interesting. Currently, I am showing the line is -9.5 for the Chiefs and that scares me. But, then I am thinking that they are tempting bettors who are looking at the Broncos winning the last two games AND the fact that last week was a bit crazy. I am looking at the last two wins that the Broncos had and they are the Jets and a beat up Patriots. I am going to stick with the Chiefs in a game that may get out of hand.

  1. Pittsburg Steelers vs 7. Tennessee Titans


This is the first of two matchups in my top ten this week. The Steelers may be legit, and I need to make sure my fandom against the Steelers doesn’t continue to sway my predictions. I just want to bad for Big Ben to fail, I don’t know why, it’s probably just his face (it’s the fans…), but I love rooting against the Steelers. The Steelers are on the road in Tennessee in a battle of two unbeaten teams. The obvious story line is the Titans run game versus the Steelers run defense.

Right now the game is essentially a “pick em” with the Titans giving up one point right now as the home team. My fandom is willing me to pick the Titans, and it could be one of those situations where I would rather win on a Titans win and be ok with a loss, than bet the Steelers and watch the Titans win. The only pause for concern right now is the bettors are showing that they are 60% on the Titans. To me that’s the sexy pick with Derrick Henry running the ball. Alas, I am going to pick the Steelers, because I think they will be able to protect Big Ben and that Tennessee will not be able to protect Tannehill if he needs to throw. I think Claypool has another monster game and the Steelers

  1. Green Bay Packers


On paper there is no better team for the Packers to bounce back against than the 1-5 Texans. Rodgers and the packers are also really good when coming off of a loss. This is going to boil down to the Packers and Rodgers being able to move the ball, and turnovers. Watson has five interceptions on the year, and I think if he throws one or more on Sunday they are done. I also think that the Packers need to protect Rodgers to allow him to throw and open up the run game.

The Packers are giving up -3.5 right now and the only concern that I have is that the Texans are able to keep it tight. I think this game in regards to the spread is going to come down to the wire. I can imagine the Texans down ten with the ball and five minutes or less left in the game. If they score a touchdown before an onside kick, they cover. If they’re held to a field goal or the Packers stop them, then the Packers will cover. I am going to take the Packers -3.5 and am predicting that on that drive, down ten, Watson throws a pick.

  1. Seattle Seahawks vs 6. Arizona Cardinals


This is the second of two matchups in my top ten this week and I am very excited for this game. I think it will be highly entertaining and love the over 56 in this game. The key for me in this one is how Murray starts. Last week versus Dallas, there were visible nerves, but he was able to work through the first few possessions, because the Cowboys forgot they were playing football on Monday.

Against Wilson, if this does prove to be a shootout, Murray cannot afford to waste possessions. The Seahawks on average are allowing 376.6 yards a game in passing, while in contrast the Cardinals are allowing 248.2 passing yards per game. 61% of the picks are on Seattle -3.5 and I just think they come into this game a little over confident and get brought back down to earth by the Cardinals. I am not sure if Arizona can pull out the win, but I like riding with them +3.5.

  1. Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens are on a bye week this week, and as I am typing this, I believe they are acquiring DE Yannick Ngakoue from the Vikings for a 2021 third round pick and 2022 conditional fifth round pick. I think this is smart by the Ravens, but says even more about the Vikings. If I am on that team, I am starting to think we are officially in tank mode and I am playing for my job next year.

  1. Buffalo Bills

Buffalo is looking to bounce back from their loss to the Chiefs by traveling in state to face the dumpster fire that is the Jets. Do I think that the Jets are going to lose every game this year? It’s possible. Do I think that this is a game they can win? Absolutely not. I think the Bills D has a field day and am contemplating putting money down on a defensive score from the Bills.

The real challenge is the spread, and right now it is at -12. As long as it stays under 14, I think that’s the play. The other x-factor here is Diggs. The dude HATES losing, and I would look for him to have an insane game, because the Jets cannot cover anyone, let alone rush the passer. So, for right now, I am picking the Bills at -12.

  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This is tough. Because the Bucs are playing a Raiders team in Vegas after Vegas is coming off a bye. The Bucs are coming off that impressive win against the Packers, and the questions I am asking myself are: can the Bucs play that same level of defense two weeks in a row? Can they protect Brady like that two weeks in a row? I don’t know. I am also seeing that Jonathan Abram is questionable for the Raiders and Jason Pierre-Paul and Antoine Winfield Jr. are both questionable for the Bucs.

The X-factor here has to be Waller for the Raiders and whether or not the Bucs can stop him. If JPP and Winfield Jr. are playing, I would feel comfortable taking the Bucs where they are at now at -3.5. If they are not playing, I think I would take the Raiders with the points. I will have to watch the statuses and the line as the week progresses.

  1. Chicago Bears

The Bears are 5-1. The Rams are 4-2 and just lost to a potentially resurging 49ers team. The game is in Los Angeles, and I have to think that this is going to be a BATTLE. If that is the case and the UNDER 45 hits or it’s close, I think the Bears will win. If Goff is able to throw and the Rams can get Henderson going and score points, it’s going to put more pressure on Foles and I am not sure the line will be able to hold Aaron Donald at bay.

What is crazy is as I am writing this the line is -6 in favor of the Rams and only 53% of bettors are on the Rams. Which means to me, that the odds makers are hoping people will pick the Bears with the points. The Bears have had a good run and I do think they can keep it going. However, I think the loss to the 49ers stung the Rams and McVay will have them out for a vengeance. I am anticipating that line to drop as we get closer to Sunday and I will take the Rams at whatever that is. If it actually goes up to 7 or more, I will think about switching back to the Bears.


Thursday Night Football:

Tonight’s game is an NFC East suck fest. I am picking the Giants +4.5 and sprinkling the moneyline. Sanders, out…  Ertz, out… Jeffery, out… and 63% of bets are on the Eagles. I think the Giants get their first in of the season tonight in Philly and on national TV and Eagles fans everywhere are going to be burning jerseys and posting videos cursing out anyone in their path.

Needless to say, I hope and I write and am very excited to lick some tears.


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