National Days Are Now Out of Control, and I Hate Them (Unless I Get Mine Approved).

The amount of National Days has to stop.


There are 365 days in a year last time I checked and the fact that each day according to recognizes multiple things a day is absurd.

How is a decent person, who has a family, a job and a significant dedication to social media supposed to keep up?

Seriously. Today October 11th is National Coming Out Day, which for many people means something. But this isn’t about that day. It’s about the other “Days”.

Here are some examples:

National Name Your Car Day

National Techies Day

National Boyfriend Day

National Moldy Cheese Day

Chucky, The Notorious Killer Doll Day

How the hell does Chucky, the Notorious Killer Doll get a day? Moldy cheese?

I will tell you.

All you have to do is go to and click the “Register a National Day” link.

So, naturally, I needed try for myself and ended up applying for National Intellectual Nebula Day. Apparently, they field over 20,000 applications a year and accept 25. This means that every year there are 25 new national days to keep track of. If Moldy Cheese gets a day, why can’t my obscure website?

They even have merchandise, like this sweet laptop bag:

What I want to know is when enough is enough? I tried to think of something absurd like national dirty dishes day.








It exists.

National No Dirty Dishes Day

As does:

National Cellophane Tape Day

National Hole In My Bucket Day

National Speak in Sentences Day


Speak in sentences day? WHAT? That’s on May 31st. Should I? Not. Be speaking in. Complete Sentences?

I don’t know how to conclude this, because I am going down a rabbit hole and looking at each day and with every click my mind is blow.

Maybe, we come up with a tiered system based on likes or something, and some of these days can be sent down to the minor leagues. Like:

National Granola Bar Day - Not necessary.

Fancy Mike... Out.

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