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Tomorrow is a historic day, and it would be irresponsible of me not to comment on the decision that needs to happen. Since 2016, I have been in utter shock of how the world has been constantly changing. People have been mean, selfish and down right crazy. But that’s #ThisLeague I guess and it’s time I picked a team.

This decision isn’t one that is red or blue. It’s a decision of fandom that will last a lifetime.

For those that haven't read the first blog, I am team-less in the NBA and am casting my pick for lifelong fandom. It boils down to two main choices: a nugget or a deer, with a longshot third option of a bear.

Yes, yet again, I have teased about talking politics and pivoted to talk about something stupid like which NBA team I should endorse forever.

If I am looking at the candidates, they are the Denver Nuggets, Milwaukee Bucks and Memphis Grizzlies. Being a Vikings fan, I just cannot go with the Bucks. I love the town, I love that the baseball team is all about beer and I like the idea of potentially having the Greek Freak on the team. It’s just too much of a conflict of interests. If Rodgers were to show up to a game, I would instantly be turned off.

That leaves me with the Grizzlies and Nuggets.


I have made my decision.



I am going to cast my fandom to:



The Nuggets!

The decision came down to the one thing that would ultimately matter the most: the uniforms.

These are awesome.

Also, HUGE Dikembe Mutombo fan, and I like that

the legacy is there. I am ready to jump on the Jokic train and start preparing for the 2021 season





Hat game is about to be lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥!

Thanks for reading!


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