Who is Fancy Mike?

I am going to be honest. Fancy Mike is nothing new. Fancy Mike has been around since ‘back in the day’. Put some nice clothes on me and the already palpable confidence (cockiness?), raises to a rolling boil and you better watch out.

I am finding in my career, I am being asked to interface with more and more people of “higher stature” in the business world and rather than being the regular polo wearing mid-level employee, I am having to transform into a fancier version of myself. It’s not like something that is completely fake, but it’s like putting a nice dressing on chicken wings at a fancier restaurant. They are still chicken wings, which you can get at any local bar, but throw a fancy sauce on em and a nice garnishment and BOOM: fancy wings.

That, in a nutshell is Fancy Mike. Same old sarcastic, goofy, smartass but with a nice fancy (cocky?) cover.

What does Fancy Mike bring to the table?

Raw, unfiltered commentary on the absolutely insane business world we live in today. Whether you work in education, government, military or private; whether you’re in sales, IT, accounting or a mad scientist; the stories and commentary that Fancy Mike will bring, will hopefully put a smile on your face and make the day go by a little easier.


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