My Kids Are Spoiled Entitled Little Shits

Fact: There’s a Global Pandemic

Fact: It’s hard for adults, let alone kids to grasp the scale of a global pandemic

Fact: It’s increasingly hard to raise kids in a normal environment

FACT: It’s insane raising kids in a pandemic

That being said, we are incredibly lucky in our house hold to have the means of distraction that we do. Toys in a basement playroom, each kid has a tablet, each kid has a Nintendo switch lite; they have things to help entertain them while staying mostly at home aside from weekend hikes or playground trips.

The question becomes however, how do we help our kids assimilate to this new normal, while avoiding a situation where they become super spoiled? The answer in my mind is simple. Always talk about how hard we have worked to be in our situation. Continue to hold the kids accountable to their daily responsibilities and enforce consequences for missed expectations.

As anyone knows, no plan is perfect. Nothing illustrates how good my kids have it then what happened Sunday night. My youngest (6) asked if there would be pancakes for breakfast Monday morning. This is an unusual request, because Monday is a school day and computers need to be set up and learning spaces prepared for the week. When advised that pancakes would not be happening, her response was:

“Well, we normally have pancakes every weekend, and we didn’t this weekend… so…”.

On one hand, I would like to think that it’s nice that we are able to create a quazi tradition of pancakes to look forward to on the weekends. It’s nice to think that my kids look forward to my pancakes.

On the other hand, do you know why we did not have pancakes?





The moral of this story is that during this pandemic my kids are doing JUST FINE, and we have our work cut out for us when teaching humility and work ethic.

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