Opinion | Quiz: Let Us Predict Whether You're a Democrat or a Republican - The New York TimesTrump. Biden. Republican. Democrat. Ass. Elephant. Red. Blue. Things in life have become so finite.

But do they have to be?

Do you have to pick a side?

Do we as Americans have to remain divided?

The answer is no, and the explanation is simple. Forget Trump and Biden, this boils down to Red and Blue. Two colors that end up polarizing a country that is dying to come together. Don’t listen to the loud voices you see on social media. Those voices don’t represent the vast majority of Americans that are looking to unite and get back to enjoying the finer things in life like Netflix, viral videos, beer, and sports.

It doesn’t matter man or woman, whoever stands in front of the Red and in front of the Blue are going to be supported by those who love those colors. Now it’s time to think like an artist. There are three primary colors: red, blue, and yellow. Since no one likes yellow, because it’s the color of pee if you’re dehydrated, throw that out.

This means we are left with Red and Blue. Imagine if artists only colored in red and blue? Things would suck almost as much as they suck now as we lob shit across the aisle with our key boards. The point?

What happens when Red meets Blue? It creates a new color, a color that represents Americans that want to join together, a color of royalty.





Purple is the color of the future. Purple is the color of UNITY. Purple is the color of the VIKINGS.

We need to UNITE as Americans as VIKINGS fans.



PS – The Ravens are also purple, BUT they are not the original and therefore are frauds and cannot UNITE the country like the Vikings.



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