Here’s the Root Cause of All of our Problems

There is one singular thing that has led us to the COVID-19 pandemic and social unrest. There is one SINGULAR company that can be held accountable for problems we are seeing today. They have taken advantage of the trust that society has built with them over years and years of consistent products. This company had the RESPECT of a NATION until one moment. This company has captured the imagination of generations since 1985 and now, NOW they need to answer for their transgressions.

What is the name of this company you ask?

I will tell you.

Just one more sentence before I do for an added sense of suspense.

Just kidding, I keep typing and for some reason it’s not coming out.

Ok fine, I will tell you, because I am NOT KIDDING.

Discovery, Inc. owns of channels like Animal Planet and The Discovery Channel is the reason we find ourselves in this predicament at this time. You may be thinking: ‘where’s your evidence’? OH. I have EVIDENCE. I have so much hard, concrete evidence, I am about to overwhelm and blow your BRAIN up. All I need you to do, as the reader, is think back to where you were in May of 2012. 2012 is most famous for faking being the end of the world. And that’s where the problem starts.

Discovery saw how the globe was completely captivated by the notion that the world would end in December, 2012. People were quitting their jobs and building bunkers in their backyards. Marriages were ending so people could go get crazy for a few months before the end of the world. Credit cards were being maxed out on lavish items, because every single person in the world (with access to the internet) KNEW that the end was coming. Discovery looked at it’s stock price around $25 a share and thought: ‘How can we take advantage and increase our viewership, thus increasing our revenue?’.

The answer was: let’s take advantage of the people who are in this fragile state, and drop something so ground breaking, EVERYONE would completely LOSE THEIR SHIT!

So they did. On May 27th, 2012 – the world watched as Animal Planet premiered: “Mermaids: The Body Found”. Mermaids are REAL!? Well of course that would make complete sense that would happen in the year where all of humanity was supposed to perish. Every single educated person in the world with access to Animal Planet was gripped by the riveting evidence presented in this show. The doors opened on all legends. If mermaids were real, what else could be real?

Aliens, lizard people, the moon landing, big foot, Loch Ness, swamp monsters, Santa Clause, everything was now back on the table!

By December 1st, 2013, following a sequel showing even more evidence of mermaids, Discovery’s stock peaked at $46. This means that from May, 2012 to December, 2013, Discovery’s stock grew by 184%. That isn’t even the beginning of the story.

On Christmas Day, 2013, all of humanity was waiting for Santa Clause, in the hopes that there would be another revelation. The world had gotten over the massive celebration of avoiding the end of everything a year prior and needed a glimmer of light as society was trying to recover from the thoughtless spending and broken relationships of 2012. What happened though? Nothing. Santa isn’t real. You’re taught that on the second-grade playground when Blake makes you cry by telling you he saw his dad wrapping presents and that it’s all made up.

Fuck you Blake.

What’s worse? It turns out, Discovery is Blake. They faked the mermaid show. They had themselves a laugh at the expense of all of humanities venerable state and then they got rich. Can you imagine, talking to all of humanity and LYING TO THEM? I would like to think that no one else would ever do something like that. Nope. Discovery was just getting started. Over the last seven years they have done nothing but try and trick us time after time.

NO DISCOVERY. I do not believe that those people are actually naked and alone with no help around.

NO DISCOVERY. I do not believe that those people on a “Homestead” actually have that much strife and drama.

This has gotten to the point, I don’t believe ANYTHING Discovery has ever produced now. In my opinion, I am smart enough to draw my OWN conclusions on what is real and what isn’t based on the facts that I, myself gather. By doing something thinking, here’s what I do know:

  1. The earth is probably flat, I am still watching YouTube for evidence, but will check back
  2. The moon landing was fake. Too much evidence to say otherwise
  3. Student loans aren’t real, I stopped paying mine years ago
  4. The government has chips in all of our heads, and Ibuprofen is just a medicine to help fix the chip

That’s why we are now in a pandemic and dealing with such social unrest in society today. No one knows what is true anymore. Best Come With Me If You Want To Live GIFs | GfycatNo one knows what reputable sources there are. That is why, I, DaLEO will be doing everything in my power to unite us again and help over throw the machine that is Discovery, Inc. It all starts with the guy at the top, David Zaslav who has been the CEO since 2007.

I am coming for you DZ.

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