Official Statement on the COVID-19 Pandemic

While I am new to Intellectual Nebula LLC, the brass has asked me to draft an official statement regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Let me make myself extremely clear. While I have a level of genius as far reaching as the light of space, I am no way a medical doctor, politician or have any background in infectious diseases. I am but a budding modern day prophet, philosopher and aspiring scientist, who has burst into the world like a hose being turned on for the first time after a long winter.

So – I beg of you, with the desperation of a freshman in college on a Friday night with nowhere to go…

Take notice of the following three suggestions!

  1. Observe and Read
  2. Digest
  3. Think Critically

Observe and read for information as much as your can, from as many perspectives as you can. By only reading from sources from which you agree, you become blind and complacent like the fat disgusting bat this disease originated.

Digest everything. Do not jump to conclusions based on headlines or hyperbolic language like a sugar filled, sleep deprived, undisciplined child who cannot see past the next 30 seconds. Take time to let what you have watched or read sink in and marinate in your brain. Information becomes clear over time if you let the sediment sink to the bottom like in a glass of dirty water. Let the noise and distracting elements slowly fall away and let the raw message clearly come into view.

Think critically. Think for yourself. Don’t be led down to the slaughter house like an obedient sheep. Don’t arm yourself for a war where the purpose has not been completely grasped. The world is filled with blind sheep and senseless soldiers. Following the mob down an unnecessary path and fighting a war against their own brothers and sisters.

Listen to those who are experts in their field, hear to those who aren’t. Digest what you have heard and seen. Think and be thoughtful about your words and actions. You may find that you are responsible for your own herd of sheep looking at you for guidance and leadership. The last thing you want is to lead them down a path of ignorance or into a nonsensical war. Trust your gut, pay close attention to your convictions and be respectful to outside opinions.

A new day will arrive, and the sun will ascend into the morning sky. The sun will cast strong rays of bright sunshine across our planet. The world will be split in two, divided by a trench filled with the mistakes of the past. It will be so deep, it will be almost impossible to cross. On one side will be the enlightened, those who comprehend the value of discretion. Their lives will be fulfilled and be enriched with peace and happiness. On the other side will be a war of 1000 years. An endless battle of opinions and nonsensical thoughts between those who should love each other.

Do not fight a fight based on false conviction. There is no victory, only pain.

Listen to those who have been classically trained in their field, but beware the bias that could cloud judgement. Let the murky waters clear. Let the biases and emotions sink to the bottom and drink the clear factual information for knowledge.

Be healthy.

Be safe.

Be Respectful.


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